“If we condemn ourselves for having a dark side, we don’t just oppress ourselves; we also deny our humanity. And thus, the inner civil war proceeds, as we refuse to acknowledge what’s part of us. The contents of the shadow will not disappear through repression. On the contrary: it will revolt.”
– C.G. Jung


You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.
– Eckhart Tolle


The mind is a place where the soul goes to hide from the heart. When a problem is disturbing you, don’t ask, “What should I do about it?” Ask, “What part of me is being disturbed by this? Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or give it to yourself. Nobody else can.
-Michael Singer


Here is the great Earth,
filled with the smell of incense,
covered with a blanket of flowers,
the Great Mountain, the Four Continents,
wearing a jewel of the Sun and Moon.
In my mind I make them the Paradise of a Buddha,
and offer it all to You.
By this deed, May every living being
Experience the Pure World.
– Tibetan Prayer


“One man can do nothing. Before anything else he needs help. …One man can easily deceive himself about his awakening and take for awakening simply a new dream. If several people decide to struggle together against sleep, they will wake each other. It may often happen that twenty of them will sleep but the twenty-first will be awake and he will wake up the rest. — G.I. Gurdjieff”


Rest in Natural Great Peace –

“Rest in Natural Great Peace, this exhausted mind, beaten helplessly by karma and neurotic thoughts, like the relentless fury of the pounding waves on the infinite ocean of samsara.”