To be in love with love

To be in love with love with love is to gain a soul,
to sit on the throne of hearts.
To love the world is to be afflicted.
Later the secrets start to make sense.
Don’t be bramble,
become the rose. Let your maturity unfold.
The brambles will only burn.
Prayer was created by God so man could ask for help.
It’s too bad if you haven’t learned to ask.
Accept the breath of those who are mature-
let it become your divining rod.
If you obey yourself, things turn our wrong.
Renouncing the world is the beginning of worship.
If you are a believer, believe this.
Respect your parents and ancestry,
and you will have fine astral clothes of your own.
If you earn the complaints of neighbors,
You’ll stay in Hell forever.
Yunus heard these words from the masters.
If you need this advice, take it.
They say one who is received by heart
becomes more beautiful.
Yunus Emre

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