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Akaal ~ Ajeet Kaur (Featuring Trevor Hall)

I lost my younger sister Deena back in December 2019, and while I am still in the process of healing and coming to terms that I won’t be able to communicate with her the way I use to, I do want to take this moment to reach out to her and honor her spirit.

In many ancient spiritual traditions, it is known and taught that the longing of every soul, even before it leaves the body, is to make the journey to a place known by many names but most often just called “Home.” The mantra “Akaal” means deathless and is a chant traditionally chanted to help a soul crossover, as well as to ease the pain of grief and loss. Tonight, I chant Akaal to help me process this new reality as another year, and another trip around the Sun is approaching this month for me and others close to her. (Akaal, Akaal, Akaal…)