Silence Is Bliss

guit2-350x200In this moment of clarity, I don’t want you to make a sound as I have found a love in my silence, and I would not like to be disturbed awaken from the insanity I naturally saw the water within and started to swim.

Swimming in the emotions of a lost reality the matrix of insanity is almost gone as I take a deep breath to find my inner Zen. I have nothing yet everything in one breath. The moment is now the moment is now the moment is now no secondary gain no sliding thoughts no escaping the second as each breath takes me closer to the truth. No more opinion no more worries no more suggestions of what is best or what my ego wants. What I have discovered has always been there, yet I have disallowed myself from tasting the sweetness of the moment oh the bliss as everything disappears like a raindrop into a silent mist.

Undiscovered layers of myself I seek until I find the subtle ecstasy of me at its core nothing is everything, and everything is nothing. It all fades away dissolves into a densely fragmented reality as everything I hold onto drifts apart like sand shifting in a violent wind. The silence of my mind the stillness of time as if the past and future never exist only a distant memory of the illusion of me. Giving nothing yet being everything nothing is ever wrong all is correct finding the eye of my inner storm is bliss.

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