Self Forgiveness = Self Love

guit2-350x200The human race has taken so much from our planet and still expects to receive love with none in return. Ants along with humans are the only species that carry out wars and enslave their own. If we kill and oppress our own how is it possible to love anything. Many of our true selves where psychologically murdered as children leaving us fragmented building layers upon layers of a pseudo-identity in which we call me or the I. The suppressed hurt leads to anger as the ego takes over seeking love and happiness in an externally programmed world. Wanting love and approval in which it can never find nor does it want to see from in an external reality. The ego never truly loves it is a pseudo-love expecting a fantasy of unconditional love from labels, titles, power, and control of others. Erich Fromm proposed that to love another person; a person needs first love oneself.

The root of our problem as a species is self-hate. When we hate those outside of ourselves, we are expressing our suppressed hurt in acts of anger towards our own. Forgiveness is the first step, and it begins by forgiving everyone from your childhood including yourself. The forgive and forget from my perspective is not true forgiveness it is only a method of avoiding real forgiveness. True forgiveness is finding the learning and accepting it with happiness and love. Our world is on the verge of being destroyed because humans are the selfish gene consumed in self-ego games always seeking more wholly cut off from source or self-love.

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