In Search of the Miraculous. Chapter 14

February 1, 2020

In Search of the Miraculous. Chapter 14

By P D Ouspensky
Reading by Debbie Elliott.

“Difficulty of conveying “objective truths” in ordinary language. Objective and subjective knowledge. Unity in diversity. Transmission of objective knowledge. The higher centers. Myths and symbols. Verbal formulas. “As above, so below.” “Know thyself.” Duality. Transformation of duality into trinity. The line of will. Quaternity, Quinternity—the construction of the pentagram. The five centers. The Seal of Solomon. The symbolism of numbers, geometrical figures, letters, and words. Further symbologies. Right and wrong understanding of symbols. Level of development. The union of knowledge and being: Great Doing. “No one can give a man what he did not possess before.” Attainment only through one’s own efforts. Different known “lines” using symbology. This system and its place. One of the principal symbols of this teaching. The enneagram. The law of seven in its union with the law of three. Examination of the enneagram. “What a man cannot put into the enneagram, he does not understand.” A symbol in motion. Experiencing the enneagram by movement. Exercises. Universal language. Objective and subjective art. Music. Objective music is based on inner octaves. Mechanical humanity can have subjective art only. Different levels of man’s being.” IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS FRAGMENTS OF AN UNKNOWN TEACHING ― P. D. OUSPENSKY

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