Ascended Master Kuthumi, Pearl of Wisdom excerpt 1-27-85:

“Beloved, I underscore and bring to the fore of your attention now our order, the holy
Order of Francis and Clare, which has long been the underlying motive and purpose of many
who serve here and throughout the field. I wish to inaugurate this order in this hour in a
more organized way, that you might identify yourselves, whether on the celibate path or
married, with the works that we strove to accomplish in the rebuilding of the Church on the
cornerstone of purity while being servants to all life.

“I would speak to you of our motto, which I would say today as Obedience, as
Poverty, as Chastity. May I speak upon these for a moment. For the obedience of our order
is to the one we call Love—Christ. Obedience to Love in the person of Christ in every
Ascended Master and not Jesus alone. Obedience to the inner Light and the inner Calling—
the foundation of those who walk in commemoration of the World Teachers.

“The Order of Francis and Clare takes its name from a quaint period in history which
was fraught with the personal Armageddon and vicious forces every whit as nefarious as they
are today. It also harks back to a limited understanding of Christ; yet, in the inner mysteries
of our hearts, we knew far more than we dared say.

“The order today goes beyond that which it was to a new birth in the Aquarian age.
And as you receive the mantle and the perception of the office, you forge that order and
create out of it what must needs be. Thus, beloved hearts, chastity itself is purity. It is the
purity of the chakras. It is the purity of the heart. It is the path of the Sacred Heart. It is the
purity of the soul and the purification of body. Above all, it is the transmutation of all past
karma. It is the dedication to the path of the ascension by the raising of that Kundalini fire.

“Poverty is the self-emptying, that one might be filled. Every day give the light away
that is yours to give. Thus, know the true way of Mother Poverty. The emptying that one
might be filled is the nature of the Path. Poverty is a love that is greater for others than for

“To these three virtues I add a fourth: it is the defense of the Mother Church.”