Chadwick S. Lunsford

I am not interested in chasing rainbows anymore, especially when the rainbow journey is costly and receding. As a soul of God, I Love to Love, but it seems a bit ridiculous when I pay the rainbow seller or become the rainbow seller. Divine Love is not a commodity. Unconditional Love is our Divine essence. I choose to give and receive unarmed truth and unconditional love, so I don’t need to pay a fee or charge for entrance into the Sacred Heart of Divine.

Honestly, I can be alone in silence and receive unconditional Divine Love without going anywhere or doing anything. Often I prefer to be alone with myself than to be around people, but I Love to Love and protect. When I connect to unconditional Divine Love, my cup is forever filled and overflows like an expanding ocean.

My point is I don’t need the rainbow journeys as I am not seeking healing, Love, Titles, or anything from them. I am not searching or figuring out who I am or what I am supposed to do anymore. I Know my Divine Truth, and I Know the Goodness of Divine Beauty.

I don’t want to devalue the rainbow journey as I found healing, Love, and support down this path, even finding the little boy hidden inside. However, finding the inner child and loving myself does not require following receding rainbows.

When I found the treasure hidden, I didn’t complain about the soil; I rejoiced in holding the Divine Treasure. Polishing the Treasure and removing the dirt is my work. The work never ends, but it certainly doesn’t require following receding rainbows. – C.S. Lunsford

“Stop everything. What he was saying is stop every role you’re playing. And the role I was playing then was the very intent seeker role.” – Gangaji


"Our entire life is a journey, and when we stop chasing the rainbows, we can be in a constant state of Love and bliss with the Divine. Stop searching, stop consuming, stop everything. Embrace the Goodness, Truth, and Divine Beauty." - C.S. Lunsford

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